Monday, 19 October 2009

With Great Grandpa

This photo alone makes the 24 hours plus of travel time, jet lag, (many) tears and lack of sleep from our Thailand-UK roundtrip worthwhile.

For the record, that's an 86 year age gap - quite amazing.


Martyn said...

Jon smashing photo and one that will mean you having to bang another nail in your living room wall. I hope you all are having fun in the UK and may the big, big age gap continue for many more years.

Talen said...

That is indeed a photo to cherish for a lifetime. I recently got a similar picture with my father and his great grand son.

Jon said...

@Martyn, multiple nails in multiple countries indeed. Is quite amazing to see how a grumpy old man's heart can go all warm and fuzzy.

@Talen, they are truly collector's items aren't they. PS, your comment implies you are a grandfather yourself - that true? You look a little young for it, I'd fancy.

Mike said...

Jon being a Grandad myself-although living away from the UK-I too value photographs and associated memories.

Doubt I shall ever be a great Grandad-but who knows.

Love the picture.