Thursday, 1 October 2009

Microsoft tackles piracy in Thailand

You know piracy is a problem when a company produces a press release (in the loosest sense of the word) like this.

I've heard a few illogically thought-up ideas for fighting piracy in Thailand but found the press release from Microsoft to be perhaps the most toothless. See excerpt below.
With many people around the world keen to get their hands on Windows 7 as soon as possible, some consumers may have been tempted to purchase what they believe to be a genuine copy of Windows 7 from IT malls in Thailand.

Microsoft Thailand would like to alert consumers that the new operating system - Windows 7 - will not be officially launched in Thailand until October 31st, 2009. As such, any copies of Windows 7 currently for sale at IT malls and resellers or for download online will not be the genuine Ready to Manufacture (RTM) and could expose the owner’s PC to security risks.
I could summarise in a few words - "go get a cheap copy at Pantip Plaza".

I'm not sure this will do any good Mr Gates, and by the way I disagree with the idea that W7 is highly sort after.

Apple Snow Leopard and Google's Android OS are the sexy, desireable operating systems. People with Windows just seem to inherit it on a new purchase, I'd love to know just how many people "around the world" are keen to get their hands on W7?

Incidentally, The Missus recently took her laptop to be seen to at our local IT mall - it was overheating and prone to spontaneously rebooting without reason.

A week and around 1,000 Baht (£25) lighter, said laptop was healed, returned and found to be running Windows 7, long with the latest Adobe Photoshop, which the Mr PC Healer kindly installed without extra charge or request from us.

We got the laptop back last week, you can do the Math re the version of Windows 7 my missus is now using.

Piracy is so ingrained into Thai society, I very much doubt it will ever retreat with any significance.


Talen said...

I have to agree that windows 7 won't be well sought after. XP works fine so why mess with whats not broke.

Unfortunately for Microsoft the piracy in China and Thailand will outsell Microsoft well into next year.

Bangkok Blogger said...

I agree that piracy will not go away from Asia anytime soon, but anyone who runs a pirated operating system is wide open to security issues.

I have lost count of the number of PC's I have examined and rebuilt ( OS wise ) that have been running a pirated OS and become unusable or severely compromised.

No, its not scaremongering - its fact. Just my two penny's worth :)

Jon said...

Very true Talen, remember was the same when Vista was introduced. It always amazes me to think there are actually factories dedicated to fakes out here in Asia.

BB, interesting insight - I'm definitely not as adapt 'under the hood'.

My point, however, which was perhaps a little lost, is that piracy is ingrained into Thailand that it'll take more than a press release to fight it.

A widespread campaign, perhaps with government backing, would be a starter.

All things considered though, who doesn't love the chance to buy games/DVDs/music at much-reduced cost? I'm happy with things as they are, thanks.