Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I miss London

After a day hitting the shops, museums, parks and strolling the Thames it's clear the Missus and I still massively miss living in London.

Sure there are elements to dislike, the people are generally ruder than in Thailand, prices are higher, taxes are higher, rent is more expensive...the list goes on...but a day shopping here compared to Thailand wins hands done, particularly with a 1 year old in tow.

I love living in Thailand, yes, but massively miss living in London too.


Bangkok Blogger said...

I can assure you that how you feel is a transient emotion !

Everytime I go back to the UK I feel the same, for about 1 week !

Then all the negatives about the UK rise to the surface - although living in Thailand has its problems, living in the UK is worse !!

Jon said...

I agree both countries have their problems but I'm still not sure which one is for me.

Having a little one definitely affects the decision though. I think the idea, unlikely though it is, that he'll never feel English in any way, scares me somewhat.

London beats Bangkok hands-down though - no going back on that one.

MartinP said...

Its a tough decision alright and one I'm trying to come to terms with myself too, being in a similar position with a few week old baby. Just not finding Bangkok child friendly enough for how we want to live. Have applied for little ones British passport already, have two weeks to decide if we'll use it or not now. Of course have to get some form of visa for his mum first, that could be the stumbling block.

Will be very interested to hear what you guys decide to do in the end.

Dancin Forever said...

wow - we're gonna have to chat on this front - i'm really interested in hearing more details of this debate :)

Jon said...

@Martin - we'll be in Thailand for a couple more years, I suspect, but not in BKK. As you say, not really very child friendly, just take transport for example and compare it London where my missus & little one can get around very easily.

Re permanent stay visa for the wife, not sure on this one. My missus lived in the UK whilst studying so post-study is a whole different matter.

I'm sure this is a subject I'll bring up again when I'm back in Thailand.

@dancin forever, Bangkok vs London sure to be a lively debate. I should disclose that I've never lived in Bangkok, which undoubtedly affects my POV. Again a post I'll look into when I'm back from UK.