Saturday, 25 June 2011

A dose of inspiration for Thai learners

I'm on never-ending quest to improve my Thai skills, both written and spoken. Recently however I've had days during which I barely have time to do more than read the signs on my commute to work, and chat to the office cleaner for a few minutes whilst grabbing a coffee - but every little helps keep my brain ticking over.

I'm looking to crank things up a little - particularly in the reading/writing department - but my motivation got a boost this week as I bumped into a couple of interest items online.

First of all, this excellent Bangkok episode with Learn Thai From A White Guy blogger Brett have some top-notch advice for learning Thai.

- find your inspiration: if learning is chore, you won't find yourself improving, says Brett (amen)
- tackle reading Thai as soon as possible (I can vouch for this)
- immerse yourself in Thai-only, or predominantly Thai-language, situations as often as possible (another factor I can vouch for)

Check out the podcast and more of the wise words within here.

Secondly, I ran into, a hilarious website run by (what looks like) a bunch of farang comedians who speak and act in Thai. It is so convincing that it had my Thai colleagues forwarding the various videos around the office in laughter - not an easy crowd to win over, as my own gags attest.

A few choice vids are below, but check our the website for won't be disappointed!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A belated return

It has been a long time since Christmas and my last post but I've resolved to be more active here, and with that there is a change in the theme.

The lack of blogging is actually very poignant as life here in Thailand has changed since this site started some two and a half years ago.

With a regular office job, apartment in Bangkok, two kids and all that goes with it times have certainly changed since Jonny Foreigner emerged. No longer am I/we carefree in the sticks, instead life is much more like it would be back in blightly, but with the benefits (and issues) of being in Bangkok - but it's ok because that was the aim all along.

More soon...I hope!