Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tragedy in Saraburi

This weekend has been a sombre one as we have mourned the tragic and senseless death of a family friend killed in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Although I didn't know him well Khun Arom was well know to my in-laws, and most of town, as both a local politician and the owner of White Room, a restaurant-cum-bars in the city where my sister-in-law once worked.

Below is the news taken from this Bangkok Post article, one of media outlets to have covered it.
Five people - including two local politicians - have been killed in a shooting spree at a house in Saraburi.

Chawalit Thipsawet and Arom Udomsan, local politicians in Muang Saraburi municipality, were among the five bodies found in the single storey house located in a 10-rai compound in tambon Phukhae, Chalerm Prakiat district.
What the article doesn't state is some of victims were gunned down as they slept. Utter cowardice.

So who did this awful crime?

The murderer is, at this stage unknown. Media report across Thailand, in both English and Thai, have suggested the attack came after a Friday night out but the local perspective is somewhat different.

From what I've heard, a number of army officers that regularly visit the bar had racked up a sizeable tab. During one visit, a few weeks ago, the officers were confronted about the debt and, upon refusing to settle it, fighting ensued with several officers hospitalised from their injuries.

There is speculation that the murders were revenge for the events of that evening.

Many are quick to blame the army although it remains to be seen exactly what did happen.

I sincerely hope the culprit is caught and brought to justice quickly. There is absolutely no justification for killing five men is cold blood.

It's hard to believe that in a country known as 'The Land of Smiles', where Buddhism preaches tolerance and patience, there are individuals with such callous disregard for human life.


Jungle Girl said...

Absoulutely tragic Jon, and what a horrible waste of human life. Altogether too common in this peace-loving nation of rampant gun crime. I hope the killers are brought to justice though it sounds unlikely given the connections.

Mike said...

Jon- Sad but true, whoever is responsible I hope they are detained and head towards death row.

Trouble is the investigators will probably be met with a wall of silence if uniforms are involved.

Talen said...

Jon, Sorry to hear about the loss of a family friend.

Thailand really can be confusing at times...Like you said how can Buddhists do something like this but then you realize they are just people too. There are good people one bad people and hopefully this one is caught and soon.

Leosia said...

Sad news, but I'm afraid Buddhism is just like any other religion. It shouldn't be confused with "humanity". This type of crime could happen anywhere irrespective of what religion people pretend to adhere to. As Talen said, "there are good people and bad people".

Jon said...

Leo, Talen thanks for your comments

Very true: people are people and there will always be bad ones.

I could probably a little about the way some Buddhists practice their religion, perhaps saved for another post.

Leo, I find Buddhism to be fascinating. It certainly has the potential to abused a whole lot more than other religions - another post I think.

Then again, there was the horrible incident of a girl arm being chopped off here not so long ago.

Jon said...

Not forgetting Natalie & Mike - agree, a big concern is that the army connection will prevent justice being served.

As yet there is no major progess, doesn't give much promise.

I'll blog an update in due course.