Monday, 5 October 2009

Thai pop music - คนบ้านเดียวกัน (Neighbour)

I first showcased Thai pop music way back in June when I promised to "regularly" feature a more songs. I guess two in three months isn't particularly regular but here is the next offering.

This track is called คนบ้านเดียวกัน (kun-ban-dieuw-gan) aka neighbour in English.

It's not a song I like but it is massively popular in Thailand, played at weddings, celebratory events, karaoke parties and even on buses across the country.

Lots of songs include sing-along lyrics in Thai just like this one, such is the love of karaoke.


Martyn said...

Jon I think a lot of Thai music is pretty damn good and doesn't get half the respect it deserves from the western world. I don't understand the words but if myself and others could then I reckon its popularity amongst farang would hit the roof in no time.

I'm a big fan of Loso and have a lot of his CD's here in England and at our Thai village home. His classic Som San brings a lump to my throat and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, if you haven't heard it then take a listen because it's one of the all time classic Thai rock songs.

Jon said...

Martyn, thanks for the tip off.

To be honest, I really struggle to find 'decent' Thai music. I often hear it out and about but can never seem to trace it.

Business opportunity perhaps?

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