Saturday, 14 March 2009

My double life revealed

Time to come clean, I’m living a double life which has got a little crazy of late.

I’ve been living a’s been heart has been pulled from all directions...I really didn’t know what to do, where to go, who to talk to...

Yes, that’s right, you guessed right...I’ve got two jobs. What else could it be?!

[I'll leave you to judge which half is Jekyll and which is Hyde]

After leaving my post as French teacher at a regional government school, I’ve agreed to teach at a reputable, local primary school. When I say ‘local’ I mean my commute is down to a 5 minute cycle from 1 hour plus on the buses.

The kids at the school are quite something. I’ve had the privilege of guest teaching them, as part of my interview assessment, and it is quite reasonable to say that the 9 year old class understood and spoke more English than the most senior class in my previous school, a typical Thai government school.

I’ll be teaching Pattyom 1, aka grade 1, students aged 6-7 which is a very different challenge to teaching disinterested 16-18 year olds to speak French – and, above all, it’s one I’m relishing greatly.

Against this day job is my ambition, like many “long-timers” I’ve met in Thailand, move away from teaching into a more career oriented profession. That isn’t to say I dislike teaching or am not committed to my new job, but is has always been an experience rather than a full-time career move.

So my dark secret is my pursuit of a career as a freelance writer here in Thailand, drawing on, and developing, my previous experience in London working with some ground-breaking brands and inspiring individuals.

Initially my writing commitments are in addition to teaching but the aim is to go full time come the end of my contract at the school next February.

So while most teachers will spend the break travelling, returning home or chilling, I have been rushing about ensuring my first assignments impress suitability –not that I'm complaining mind. As before, I won’t jinx it by revealing too much info yet.

Right, must go, two 15 hour plus days on ‘business’ have been separated by just 5 hours of shut-eye – results: increased panda eyes and more than a little sleep deprivation.

**If you are curious, SMSisthenewblack is a blog I contribute to


Keith said...

Jon, best of luck with the new jobs. Hopefully you still have enough time to keep posting here.

Martyn said...

What a dream, sat in the sun and freelance writing. Muse away those morning hours newspaper and coffee in hand, afternoon spent researching and making notes and early evening sat at the computer desk tapping away. Who wouldn't deserve a beer after a day like that. Good luck in your pursuit of perfect bliss.

Jon said...

Martyn, who wouldn't fancy a slice of that lifestyle? Idyllic in every way.