Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A week is a long time in the blogosphere

Ahoy there. Remember me?

So it's been more than a week since my last post. I'd normally be ashamed to have gone so long without an update but I have extenuating circumstances.

- my brother stopped over for a week during the Asia leg of his 'Escape From Blighty' world tour extravaganza (the ugly looking but nicely written blog "with a map" is waiting for you here)

- a healthy amount of client work has been on my plate

- I 'enjoyed' three-and-a-bit days of agony and pain courtesy of a urine infection

- Wi-Fi router was mistakenly reset. Result: a return to (frustratingly slow) wired internet and JF wracking his brains to recall the set-up procedure

I'm can report all is well now. 

I've just completed the course of medication, am close to 100% again, tomorrow will be a work-free day (by choice) to spend with the family and the Wi-Fi has returned after I finally worked it out.

On the guest front, my brother is in Bangkok "scoping the place out" returning on Saturday, the same day that my parents arrive in Thailand. I haven't seen them since they became grandparents almost 6 months ago so it will be fantastic to have them here for a fortnight

Therefore normal service at JF will be resumed only temporarily. 

I'm no once-a-day blogger (respect to those that are and keep it interesting, like Mike) so my updates will be assured I've plenty of material for when I'm back.

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