Friday, 27 March 2009

You won’t find it at home: the Thai deodorant stone

As with the inaugural YWFIAH feature (the electric mosquito bat) the latest "only in Thailand” product is the answer to a major problem for ex-pats – sweat.

Most Thais have a remarkable tolerance to hot weather, unlike us farang. While Thais can be seen about town sporting jeans, trainers and even, jackets or long sleeves, JF will rarely ventureout in more than a vest, shorts and, the obligatory, flip-flops.

The problem here is work attire, which sadly differs from the three-piece above. Long trousers and shirts are a sure recipe to get the sweat glands pumping and patches rearing their ugly heads left, right and centre. Deeply unpleasant and not a look anyone is going for.

Of course, most Thais still sweat but they have a secret weapon that they’ve been using for years in their battle against BO...

I present the Thai deodorant stone, a solution which, like the best of things here in Thailand, is almost magical with its powers.

[My trusty roll-on]

The stone is 100% natural, made by crystallising potassium sulphate and mineral salts found in Thai mineral. The ingredients are crystallised over a period of months before being hand cut and smoothed into a stone-like shape.

The deodorant works by inhibiting bacteria growth on the body, rather than masking it like Western solutions. Unscented, the stone leaves an invisible layer of protection to prevent odour-causing bacteria from forming, leaving the wearer without buckets of sweat and feeling clean.

It has been said to be anything from 3-5 times as effective as conventional deodorant, and is available at a snip of the price.

The deodorant is available as a roll-on or, for those seeking a little more tradition, there are also the pure stones. The deodorant is applied to wet skin after a bath or shower, before drying. To use on dry skin, the roll-on/stone is simply made wet before application.

And that’s it.

It really works.

Personally, I love it. It beats anything else I’ve ever used.

A quick search shows word has got out and the product are shipped and sold all over the world using the internet. Although available across the world, most outlets describe the product as originating from Thailand. So, yes, technically you can get it at home but it is a Thai invention so I’ve ruled it eligible for a YWFIAH feature.

I wonder, am I the only expat going Thai-style with my personal hygiene or do others use this staggeringly effective product?

Price: Ranging from 10 baht (stones) to 60 baht (roll-on)

Available: Markets are the best place to look. Not stocked in Tesco Lotus or Big C.

**UPDATED** Was in Tesco Lotus t'other day and it seems you can buy them there after all. Not sure about Big C.

[The more traditional stone, still effective. Excuse the mess in the bathroom.]


Mike said...

Jon having just got back from 2 hours shopping in the baking sun I could sure use this product.

Thanks for sharing!

JJ Beattie said...

OOOOHHHHHH. Bang! That's the sound of a big penny dropping.

That explains it. Thais NEVER smell in my experience.

I am embarrassed to say I've been bring my deoderant over from the UK!

So: how long does it take to dry if you apply wet? Does it last all day?

Jon said...

Hi Mike, yes, highly recommended for use when shopping with the missus.

Hi JJ. Dries very quickly, although I'm lead to believe you can towel dry skin after applying. I never thought I'd post anything like this as a blog comment!

Very effective and lasts all day, although I like to reapply a little later just for good measure.

Catherine said...

My, my. I had no idea. And after all these (long) four years.

I'm worried about picking up the wrong thing out here and getting shiny white underarms, so my stuff (so far) has come from the UK.

I'll track this deodorant stone done and get back you you for sure!

Martyn said...

Jon this is the first I have heard of this product and your timing couldn't have been better. April is almost here and the season of the "underarm charm" is upon us. I am due in Thailand in May and will certainly try out this magical stone, thanks for the tip.

Jon said...

To all you guys who are going to try the deodorant out...get in touch your thoughts.

I'm sending my parents back to the UK with a load for friends and family - going down well.

Alex L said...

is it a safe deodorant , does it contain aluminium salt which is cancer related ?