Sunday, 8 March 2009

You won’t find it at home: the electric mosquito bat

In a country full of mosquitoes one requires measures to avoid being covered in itchy, red marks courtesy of this pesky insect.

Oils, creams, sprays, candles, sheets, plug-in repellents etc can be used as preventative measures, but what about tackling the problem head on?

Yes, meet the electric bat, in my opinion of one of the greatest inventions of the modern world.

Similar in size to a tennis or badminton racquet, the bat packs a punch with a push button activated electric charge on the racquet strings. They charge from mains and run for hours in between recharges.

Yes folks, this is an end to worrying whether you are covered with enough cream, no panicking that ‘one of them got through the net’ or ‘is waiting inside’...the invention prevents mosquitoes effectively and, let’s face it, it beats the alternative solution of swinging hands and arms and hoping for the best.

It ain’t half fun too. Think of all those times you been an unsuspecting dinner for a clan of mosquitoes. Take aim, push the button...take revenge.

On a serious note, I’m not sure how I would survive without this. Making sure The Little One is not ravaged by mosquitoes is essential and we regularly hunt every nook and cranny of the room for mozzies and other insects lurking with intent.

There's not a soul alive with love for the mosquito

So there you have the mosquito bat, every Thai household should have one along with a plug-in, noise-emitting repellent. Equally, if you’re holidaying or travelling through Thailand I recommend one up in conjunction with repellents and anti-insect burner, small enough to travel and sure to reduce the bites.

Price: 50-100 baht (£1.00-2.00)

Available: Tesco Lotus and most retail outlets across Thailand


Martyn said...

I first saw these in Pattaya about six years ago. I would recommend them myself and even considered taking some back to England to sell to holidaymakers going to hotter climes, bulk being my reason to reconsider my masterplan. Definitely a great invention and a "must have" for any mosquito fearing farang.

ThomasCrampton said...

Electric Mosquito rackets are just one more reason to love Asia.

Has anyone formed a Mosquito Tennis Club yet?

Jon said...

Hey Martyn, I agree that they would be very useful for holidaymakers and travellers alike. Inexpensive and yet so useful, perhaps a scaled down version is best for saving luggage space.

Must admit I dream up similar schemes on an almost daily basis.

Thomas, I'm in on the club. Gotta be one for Facebook surely?

Mike said...

Jon this is MTF's favourite bit of kit. God help you if you get in the way when she is hunting.

One note of caution to potential travellers both Malaria and Dengue Fever are endemic in Thailand, so I would also recommend anti-malarial tablets.

Long term residents-if you feel sick get a blood test quick!

Jon said...

Sage advice as ever Mike - anti-malaria tablets are a must.

My missus is the same. The common phrase should read...

Hell hath no fury like a Thai woman scorned...and let loose with an electric mosquito swotter.

X said...

They have these in France as well although I haven't had one since I was a little kid and tried to kill one which had settled on my ear. Instead of whacking it, I thought I'd just fry it and touched it gently, forgetting that this would deliver a (by a kid's standard) large shock to my face. I cried and never touched it again. Disappointing.

Kosmogal said...

I cannot rate these things highly enough. When I first saw one I pooh-poohed their efficacy by touching it. Once I recovered from being propelled across a beer garden, I soon revised my opinion.

Catherine said...

I love the mozzie bats! An Australian friend of mine and I first found them at JJ Market.

Sad to say, Australia does not allow them to be imported into the country so she leaves hers here for the next visit.

Jon said...

X, maybe time to grow out of the childhood phobia as I can see this being useful in Africa when you go.

Hi Kosmogal, thanks for dropping by. I have to agree with you that, on first impression, I doubted the concept. But after seeing it in action, but since the obligatory self-electrocution moment I've been hooked.

Interesting to hear that they don't have them in Australia Catherine (presume that is why your friend takes it back with her). Business opportunity knocking? Must need it with the climate and heat out there.