Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Get in!

Apologies for the truly self-indulgent post (if I can't do it here then where else?!) but after applying for two jobs I've just been offered both.

I'm over the moon as I had hoped to be offered one at best so to get both is a special. 

You'll find no man in Thailand more relieved than this one, my work permit is close to expiry and the current job ends this week so the risk of having to leave Thailand (The Missus and Little One) had begun to play on my mind. Many expats blitz their resume round or take the first job that bites but I took a risk in being very selective as I don't want a job I will hate.

The cherry on the top is that I can take them both on - each is very different, choosing one would've been a tough call.

I won't give any details away just yet as I don't want to jinx it, I've already found out how flimsy and frustrating a verbal agreement in Thailand can be.


@EmVicW said...


And have I read this wrong, or are you going to be doing two jobs??

Mike said...

Jon, glad thats out of the way for you and i hope you choose the right one, fortunately I just have to worry about visa renewals(bad enough).

Jon said...

Yes Em, 2 jobs: just call me Clark Kent/Superman.

All shall be revealed soon enough I hope.