Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Blogroll at last

I've finally got to posting my blogroll, well two for Thai blogs (with a couple of honourary Asian additions) and a ROW category.

This is a blog about life in Thailand so I've deliberate aimed most of my hat-tips at fellow Thai blogs. From my work in England I know of many other non-Thailand bloggers, a selection of whom feature under ROW.

If you'd like your blog to be added please get in touch, I'm always looking to expand my reading list.


Mike said...

Jon, thanks for the inclusion and also for supplying a few new links for me to explore.

ThomasCrampton said...

Jonny!! Thanks for including me in your blogroll.

Keith said...

Thanks for the link Jon. How is your Thai progressing?

Catherine said...

Yes please. Although you've already linked to me, I would love to be in the side bar too.

(you've been added to my Blogging Thailand page)

And if you have more room, there's always my Thai photoblog ;-)

Jon said...

Hi Catherine - yes, thanks for the reminder. The blogs are from my RSS reader which I have needed to update for a while with your and other news sites.

Keith, progress is slow, have had a guest for last week so that is my excuse. Will get back on it asap.

Thomas and Mike, thanks for stopping by. Any blog recommendations gratefully received.

X said...

Cheers Nigel,
although I feel that I put more time into thinking of a comical [sic.] name into my link to yours !

Then again, yours is more insightful and looked after than mine is so I suppose we're equal.

Enjoying the sunshine ? It's still snowing here. I need this about as much as Parish's cholesterol needs a Supersized Whopper

@EmVicW said...

Oh thanks for the inclusion.
You have reminded me I should probably spring clean my blog roll too.