Sunday, 9 May 2010

Red zone, Bangkok

I'm increasingly spending more time in Bangkok for work - whether that be writing, digital media or arranging my visa. This week it was a day trip on Thursday (on my own) and a return trip on Friday with the missus and little fella in tow.

Given it was Friday we decided to stay overnight to allow us to take the little fella around Bangkok both in the evening and for most of Saturday too.

Next day we headed down to the area-former-know-as-Central-Chidlom, now home to the main red shirt camp in Bangkok, around noon. With me the designated baby carrier (now that we're expecting again) photos are courtesy of my better half.

Before you ask, yes that is a red-shirt clapper in the little guy's hands.

Part out of fun, part out of the missus' sympathy for the reds (her mother is a fairly ardent supporter though my wife generally feels sorry and is understanding of the reds cause) we bought him a clapper.

Does this make him/us reds? Well...he is wearing a yellow t-shirt in red shirt HQ Bangkok...that should answer the question.

Yours truly on carrying duty (most definitely not my, or his, best picture)

Essential products for your average anti-government kitchen...I should probably add that we didn't buy either.

Last time I was here was for a (very) corporate press conference...couldn't be any different now.

There were plenty of monks around like this one with his holy water on wheels set-up.

The queue for a free lunch was unsurprisingly never ending around midday.

Pure contrast

Happy clapper

Board with messages, photos and letter of support

A rare English-language banner for the attention of international press like the camera man in shot.

A woman finds some shade whilst eating her lunch.

The main headline is dissolve parliament, which is supposedly the main focus of the protests (though this varies based on who you speak to)

Bonus pic...Bangkok's youngest Tuk Tuk driver...