Friday, 21 May 2010

Thailand Musings interview

Steve over at Thailand Musings is running an excellent ongoing series of Q&As with a number of prominent Thai bloggers. He's interviewed most of those I keep up with and, with a little luck, I made the hit list too.

His interview post with me has just gone live so click here to head over and see my tupence on life in Thailand.


ThailandMusings said...

Glad to have you in my Q&A series Jon :>)

thetefldon said...

Jon, a good read.

A quick question regarding Disqus if I may. Am having problems with the final script that you need to insert(using manual installation) into template, basically it won't accept it(not parsed correctly). I should add have just switched MTF to new template designer template. I seem to remember you had a problem initially.
Any thoughts?

BTW the system appears to be functioning without the above mentioned script!