Tuesday, 11 May 2010

More ugly Thai football scenes

There was more controversy in Thai football recently courtesy of two division two teams not far from me (both play in the same division as local team Saraburi FC).

Fierce rivals Lopburi FC and Ayutthaya FC made national headlines when an Ayutthaya player struck a Lopburi defender breaking his nose in the process and sparking off violences between rivals fans, players, backroom staff, ball boys, water carriers, mascots and anyone else in the vicinity.

It wasn't easy but a video of the event is below (the on field incident is around the 0.17 mark). The video shows the rest of this chaos and footage of a number of injured fans after the game.

เหตุการณ์อัปยศลพบุรี 1-3 อยุธยา - ดูคลิปทั้งหมด คลิกที่นี่

The (rather excellent) Jakarta Casual has a full round up and comment - pieces of which are below.
Lop Buri FC have been banned from playing at home for four games following their attack on Ayutthaya FC in the Second Divison Regional League last week.
Lop Buri players, officials and fans attacked their Ayutthaya rivals on the pitch and in the stands after becoming infuriated by decisions by the match officials.
The violence at Lop Buri took place after the home team suffered a 3-1 defeat. Several Ayutthaya fans were hospitalised.
Lop Buri fans who threw bottles at match officials face a fine of 5,000 baht each.
Lop Buri coaches and officials who were involved in the incident are fined 12,000 baht each and are suspended for the rest of the season.
Lop Buri FC and Ayutthaya FC are each fined 20,000 baht.
Pol Lt Gen Vorapong said the trouble started because fans of both sides were not properly separated.
He said the hosts allowed the sale of alcohol in the stadium.
COMMENT - a local derby turns feisty though to be fair it looks more like locals pissed off with the result rather than a concerted effort by a gang of hooligans. There are some teams, and not just Thailand, who seem unwilling to accept the fact that in football they can lose games.
JC is right that this is not hooliganism, instead just another example of dreadful behaviour from fans, many of whom were likely very drunk.

It never fails to amaze me that, in a country where people are incredibly polite and careful of their behaviour in public, football fans (and players too) can be so disrespectful of the authorities and rival teams/supporters.

That said, I've been to a lot of games and (touch wood, as I often go with the little fella) there's never been a problem.

Sadly I doubt we've seen the last of these types of incidents in Thailand.