Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Had the decorators in, new look is courtesy of the new Blogger In Draft feature. The background image may be a little cliched for a blog about Thailand but it is easily changed if/when it gets boring or appears elsewhere.

Was pleasantly surprised with how versatile and easy to arrange the new system is, having put the process off for a few weeks it took less than half an hour and did not involve the painful 'Google-for-a-template' process.

Still, having dipped my blogging feet in Wordpress (.org), the new Blogger comes up short. A worthy (and much needed) improvement from Google nonetheless.

To keep up the renewed use of photos, gratuitous pictures of Pattaya by day versus Pattaya by night are below, both taken from a recent stay.

By Day

By Night

Sometimes things just look better in the dark - some might say this applies more to the women in Pattaya.

Hat tips to both Mike at MTF and Steve from Thai Musings both of whom got in touch to say commenting is not possible (shame of me for leaving this unfixed before bed last night, didn't think anyone would notice.)

I have a problem enabling Blogger comments but DISQUS comments are now in place for future posts, the import setting current has a problem which explains absence of comment feature for this post.