Friday, 23 April 2010

Here comes number two

Been all too quiet on the Jonny Foreigner blogging front, however I'm back with news that the lovely missus and I are adding to our clan with a new arrival later this year.

Nong "Kidney Bean" - the placeholder nickname, which we will definitely not keep - is due in November, everyone around here is hoping, wishing, praying for a girl to 'complete the set' but we shall see.

In other news from the flock the first arrival ปลาทอง (Platong) is eighteen months and more grown up than ever.

[No plans for a third before you ask!]


Steve said...

Congrats man! I'm putting my hopes down for a girl as well to complete your set. Otherwise your "plans" of only 2 could easily become sidetracked :>)

Jon said...

Hi Steve,

Yes, nail on the head - though I didn't state it, I think 2 is max for me. Anyone more than that and wifey and I are out-numbered!

When is your new arrival due? Must be soon, right?

Ben Shingleton said...

Fantastic Jon, chok dee for No.2 and keep up the good work! Congrats to you both!