Monday, 14 December 2009

Walk around the neighbourhood

Chris made a good point that I should post more pictures from life in Thailand. Guilty as charged.

With that in mind, here are a few shots from around my neighbourhood taken the daily morning walk with my little one.

Thanks to knowing some of the friendly neighbour we are allowed to go into the neighbouring private housing estate, here's the entrance.

The combination of a lot of grass/greenery with friendly neighbours makes it a great place to stretch his legs in the morning or evening.

He loves the chickens in the garden although he's yet to catch one, not for want of trying.

There are even a few well groomed peacocks strutting their stuff.

This is one of the main houses owned by a successful lawyer who is also a local politician - a handy person to know.

We stop by the Pasak River for some views and scenery.

Here's the Pasak looking East...

And West...

Back to the road we go, next stop home.

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Mike said...

Jon a good idea, they say a picture paints a thousand words. Nice to take a peek at your neck of the woods.