Monday, 14 December 2009

Pork penang curry

แกงแพนงหมู or "gaeng penang moo"


Steve said...

My wife makes this all the time and it is absolutely awesome! If I hadn't just eaten it yesterday I'd probably be asking her to make it today :)

Martyn said...

Jon I'm not a great lover of Thai food in general but slowly I'm getting there. I could certainly eat this one.

Yellow and green curries I can eat until the buffaloes come home and a sweet and sour is music to my mouth. There are many that I like but don't know the make up or name of and even more that just by their look I wouldn't touch with someone else's tongue. I am getting there but much prefer to dip chips in the curry rather than spoon it onto rice.

BTW, what kind of food is your young one munching on, English, Thai or ga ga in a can. Best wishes to the three of you.

Jon said...

Steve, yeah love it, one of my faves.

Martyn, this is one is pretty good though a few spicy chilis lurk with intent.

Ah, one thing I do miss is chips and curry sauce though I do love the cuisine here I agree there are limits.

The young one is pretty into his rice soups, sticky rice and other non-spiced stuff. Baby food isnt so easy to come by, plus freshly cooked always better.