Monday, 7 December 2009

A major incident

A lot of neighbours have been talking about an incident last night.

Saturday was, of course, the King of Thailand's birthday, a date which also serves as Father's Day given that the King is the father of Thailand, yet this incident seems to have stood out the highlight of the weekend.

The incident involves a foreigner (not me, by the way), a lot of alcohol, a notorious local chap and a sizeable dose of misunderstanding.

What could it be?

Late last night, a locals chap came by the house half-cut asking for The Missus - an interesting start to this story, no?

As she was already asleep with The Not So Little Monster, I was summoned instead.

I was taken to the local shop, which doubles as a pub, where, I had been told, there was a farang (foreigner in Thai) who need help but couldn't speak English.

With a matter of seconds, it was apparent this girl - who was staying with a friend in town - had taken a wrong turn and was looking for the main road. I pointed it out and off she went - well, she would have gone then but for ten minutes of heavily intoxicated local men who, having clearly taken a shine to this young, fairly attractive female, asked a load of questions about what was going on.

Locals enlightened and issue resolved, the reluctant centre of attention went off somewhat embarrassed to the main road while I returned home to find half a dozen people excitedly asking me where I'd been and what had happened.

It doesn't take much to spark excitement in a quiet Thai neighbourhood.

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