Thursday, 17 December 2009

Google Friend Disconnect

Apologies in advance fellow bloggers.

If I am registered as following your blog via Google Friend Connect I will now be unsubscribing.

This is not reflect on you, well most of you, but GFC has run its course with me. I subscribe to most blogs in an RSS readers and am cutting the wastage.

As for my own GFC app, on the left hand side, I'm yet to decide.


Mike said...

Jon I was using firebug recently and the load time for my blogs is terrible-top of the list is the friends connect widget.

I was thinking of removing mine, but I know some folk like them?

Any views?

Jon said...

It is a good way of getting more followers & showing off your numbers - which in your case I recall to be very high.

Sure it does take a little juice out of a computer but to be honest photos, other widgets and page layouts are probably more culpable for slow loading speeds.

That said, we're reaching the edge of my technical knowledge!

Catherine said...

I have never used GFC. Most of the blogs I subscribe to are also via RSS feeders. I've dabbled, but nothing else seems to stick.