Friday, 31 October 2008

Thailand: did you know?

A few observations from Thailand, in no particular order:

1. Television channels can show dead corpses, traumatic hospital bed scenes and extreme amounts of blood, yet cleavage is pixelated.

2. Muslims in Thailand eat pork. Not every Muslim, of course, but the family over the road certainly consumes its fair share.

3. Sticking with pork, confusingly it is called 'mou' (pronounced moo). And no...I know what you're thinking and beef isn't 'oink'.

4. Thailand has Family Fortunes (there goes my big franchise plan), it's quite a cult show too.

5. SevenEleven is massive in Thailand, and rather confusing it is open 24/7 (TwentyFourSeven). You'll find a branch on practically every road/corner.

6. Tesco Lotus is THE place to shop in Thailand. The local store (of hypermarket proportions) sells everything from cooking oil, fruit and veg and TVs to bikes, phones, beds, gym equipment, clothes and a whole lot more.

7. Pork scratchings are a popular Thai delicacy. The local market is a good place to get amazing quality scratchings, 'no kap mou'. See this photo I stole from someone else for a sample (and note there is no joke about my expat itch for this treat being scratched).

That's all for now, folks.

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