Friday, 24 October 2008

Babies & F1

Reflecting on looking after The Little One helped me produce 5 reasons why caring for a baby is just like Formula 1.
  • Babies are like drivers - you want to find one? Look for the gaggle of doting women, some of whom will be holding parasols to keep the sun away.

  • Like babies, drivers are pampered so that they every need is covered.

  • Babies, like drivers, let everyone in the vicinity know when they is just the slightest thing wrong with their set-up. Then it's all hands to the pump with a dedicated personal assistant.

  • Feed time is just like refueling an F1 car. Car/baby put in position, refuel agent added and off he/she/it goes

  • Nappy changing time is just like a pit stop. Baby/car put into a stationary position (handbrake engaged) and the old clothes are removed to be replaced but a new clean set and off he/she/it goes.

Lewis Hamilton would be more than happy to own this speedster, it's the fastest thing on the block here...and certainly the only one with suspension!

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