Friday, 24 October 2008

The Annoying Neighbour

Neighbours, and random people, always stop us when we are out talking The Little One for a ride in the buggy. Most of them say he is adorable, and once they hear me speak a couple of native words they launch into an 1,000 mile an hour chat which goes straight through me (I know understand that they say we're very much alike). This attention has made him something of a celebrity baby in these parts. Something I'm which is nice to see, within reason.

Just recently a neighbour came round to visit The Little One a few days after he left the hospital, accompanied by her 2 month pregnant daughter.

On arrival she asked the father-in-law, how much we spend on the buggy and how much was the cot? FIL explained that the buggy was a present from England, and I had bought the cot for around 3,000 baht, £50 (thanks, Tesco Lotus!).

The neighbour immediately responded saying that she would spend that kind of money on quality food and milk for her incoming grandson, and not purchase such an expensive and extravagant cot and buggy as they are clearly not necessary. She questioned whether we had considered this when we first purchased these "luxury items".

She then proceeded to spend the whole afternoon giving The Missus the what-for for every aspect of motherhood. Telling her even to overrule the Doctor's orders, to refrin from hot drinks as her blood is very thin and it could lead to problems - but, of course, the neighbour knows best!
My God, this women was so annoying, and so obviously trying to get one over on the farang neighbour. Most have welcomed me as a positive addition to the community (particularly given my learning of Thai) but I'm acutely aware there are some who will convict me of a lack of culture/class, say I am an unwanted Westerner or will just act plain jealous.

And all this comes before I've had the chance to unleash my sensational football skills!

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