Friday, 31 October 2008

Free Wheelin'

Got my self some independence, my own set of wheels...oh yeah...

Most Thais ride scooters around as they are easy and cheap to run, sadly for me they are relatively expensive to buy, as a foreigner I would also need to pay for a license conversion. Bikes are far easier and require no petrol or license fee - plus a good form of exercise.

So my independence has come at the cost of 1,700 baht, a little over £30, from good old Tesco Lotus - a regular haunt of mine as I buy more stuff.

I know part of being responsible, and a father, is when you choose functionality over extravagent. It seems like I've already arrived (some may say my journey wasn't a long one).

That's right, the sporty model with a suspension, race tyres, a light chassis, cool colour, water bottle and all the trimmings came in at almost three times the price (4,500 baht) so I opted for the family saloon equivalent with a seat/cargo rack on the back and space for a basket at the front.

It does have 5 gears though...ROCK N ROLL

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