Thursday, 23 October 2008

Luk Kreungs

Luk kreung (half Thai) babies are doted on by Thai society. The majority of the country's celebrities are half-Western (for exampke), and they are a fascination to the people with their mixture of Eastern and Western looks and personas. For marketing people they fuse a dream combination which offers a Western influence (which is still seen as being cooler) and yet relate to 'everyday' Thais.

Now Nong Ling ('Little Monkey', aka The Little One) had scarcely been in the world for a few hours and already there were a queue of people who had heard a Farang (foreign) baby was being born, and they wanted to check him out.

This is the excitement, which includes me being stopped around the hospital and asked (in Thai) how the baby is getting on.

It went so far that, whilst we were in the market before he was born, random people would come up to The Missus and ask how it was all going and when they could see him.

People truly are excited to see him in this town and long may that continue.

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