Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bangkok burning - images

Right now Bangkok is a city that, in parts, resembles scenes from a computer game,

A selection of images that I've stumbled across using Twitter - what else? - are below.

This view over the city from @ustadbangkok is in my opinion the most spectacular.

A street view in Din Daeng with red shirt protester from @BaBYxxxEviL

The below picture is of Siam Paragon, theatre 7, from @richardbarrow.

This video features strongly anti-red rheotric (for those of us who try to stay objective, though I of course oppose the rampant destruction and anarchy) but includes some incredible footage.

An incredible set of high-res photos can also be found at, a link I recommend you to visit.

It looks like things are under more control today but, as many have speculated, how this pans out in the long run, with the potential for more civilian disobedience in Bangkok, is anyone's guess.

I'll update this with more photos as and when I come across them...

UPDATE: Freelance Thai photographer Natthawat Wongrat has an incredible set of photo that date back to day one of the protests. The Red Shirts: Thailand collection has more than 1,300 images and is well worth a look.

Respecting his copyright and usage policy I haven't posted any of Natthawat's images but you can see them for yourself here.


Net said...

Hi Jon,
I'm Natthawat and thank you for linking to my photo archive. :)

I'm "He" by the way.


martyyn said...

Jon you're right about the top photo, it's awesome but I also like the second one down. Almost like a ghost appearing out of the smoke.

Lets all be glad the Ratchaprasong protest has ended although I think there's going to be hit and run trouble in Isaan for many months to come.

josh said...

woww .. actually i was thinking to go to bangkok .. but now .. maybe bali's better ,. much better


Jon said...

Hi Net,

Sorry for the mistake (now rectified) I should know better as a male friend of mine shares your first name. Thanks for stopping by to correct me.


Jon said...

Hi Martin,

Yeah second photo is good but image isn't of great quality, hence it is a little smaller than rest, the figure is truly haunting none the less.

We'll see what the future I've said before I think we need a legitimate red shirt movement to prevent things becoming anarchic and underground again. Whether that will happen is anyone's guess.