Friday, 30 April 2010

So it serves a purpose after all

Blogging is a funny game.

Considering it doesn't pay (I run adverts on neither of my blogs, though the other one generates work on occasions) one is entitled to ask why we bloggers really bother?

Why do we regularly write, rack our brains for original ideas, scour the web for inspiration, remember the camera to even the most mundane social gathering, etc etc.

I'm not the greatest blogger out there, in fact this website has been somewhat neglected since my blog arrived but my reason for blogging are likely shared by many others - I blog because I enjoy writing (helps when it is your profession), arranging my thoughts and the interaction and engagement within the Thai-blogging community. Occasionally there is the unexpected bonus of seeing your content or name appear somewhere else, but this is the cherry that sits on the blogging pie, if you will.

Take for example this New York Times article from 'The Frugal Traveller' Matt Goss covering recent travel chaos in Thailand - which came in the form of both the current political unrest in Bangkok and the knock-on effects of European flight cancellations following after volcanic ash from Iceland covered the continent's skies.

Thanks Kat for tipping me off that this blog got a honourary mention (albeit without a URL link) in the article, which put a smile to my face.
In the case of Thailand, Mr. Waldman has done his research, following not just the news on CNN but going on travel forums (including’s Thorn Tree) and reading blogs by expatriates (like Jonny Foreigner, by a young Brit living 70 miles north of Bangkok). “Statistically,” he’s concluded, “I could get hit by a car here a lot easier than I’d get caught up in some protests in Thailand, because I’m not standing in the middle of the protest area.”
Don't get me wrong being mentioned in the article is flattering (even if there is no URL link - especially as I wonder why this blog has been picked out for special treatment when others are more regular and informative?!) but it gives me a greater sense of fulfilment to think that my oft-neglected blog has helped someone with the prepare for a trip to Thailand (I did say to check the blogsophere before you come over to Thailand).

That's given me the incentive to make more effort with Jonny Foreigner.

So thanks Mr Waldman for reigniting my blogging fire. To realise that people are watching is motivation enough for even the most inactive bloggers out there, all fingers pointed at me.


The TEFL Don said...

Jon interesting stuff which I fully agree with. Unfortunately my only mentions seem to come from folks scraping my feed!!

Catherine said...

You hit it spot on - blogging is a funny game. I laughed at your comment about the camera, because I even take mine grocery shopping. I can't stand the thought of missing the oddities found in Thailand :-)

So Matt, thank you for re-energising Jon to start writing in this blog again.

And Jon, once again, congrats!