Sunday, 11 April 2010

Don't dump me

Spotted this t-shirt in a mall in Ayutthaya.

Love it!

It is classic Thailand, a slogan like this can only exist here.

My favourite bit: is a ladies tee only (well of course!) and the only size left is extra small.

SO either the t-shirt caters for XS girls only OR only the XS girls don't worry about being ditched.

Make of it what you will...

Big points for anyone with a picture of someone wearing one of these.


Catherine said...

I took the t-shirt in a different way - don't discard kittens (or any animals).

But this being Thailand, you are most likely right.

martyn said...

Jon this one must be popular amongst the bar girls of Pattaya and Bangkok.

Talen said...

Love it... but I always thought every shirt in Thailand was xtra small.

Boonsong said...

I'd buy this shirt if it said, "Don't dump on me" and wear it so that my boss could see

Jon said...

Very delayed response but nice to see a few comments greeting me.


With your feline name, perhaps your perspective is inevitable? :)


Yeah, I can imagine the t-shirt is a bit hit with a certain female demographic.


Size S in Thailand is basically XS, barely room for a hand in there.


There's definitely a lot of "dumping" going on around Thailand. Hopefully the mess will be sorted, though I don't have the amswers.