Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Reds and Yellows: dining at the last chance saloon

With the yellow-shirted PAD protesters now joining the red-shirted UDD supporters in taking to the streets of Bangkok a compromise certainly looks distant.

Perhaps that would chance if we could get the leaders together at a table.

Well look what I found at a recent event at my local วัด (aka temple).

It took these two chaps a while to figure out why we were laughing, look over and photographing them. Too busy eating their food, how typically Thai.

Fellas, maybe next time a quick phone call before leaving the house would avoid this mix-up.


Martyn said...

Jon a great photo and lets hope it is a common sight in months to come although I think we both know the answer to that.

Jon said...

Hi Martyn,

Yeah, wishful thinking on my part - we just couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this. Took me a day to get over it.

Maybe sitting both sides down with a load of som tam would be more productive than the current tactics though?

Catherine said...

In traveling around BKK yesterday I noticed the lack of colour in locals going to work. They wore black, white, and tans. No reds or yellows.

Btw - did you see your quote in the New York Times?


Jon, please delete if this is a dup - my previous comment was not acknowledge...