Saturday, 12 September 2009

Happy birthday to me

A year is a long time, as they say, and it really is.

This time last year I was seeing my 26th birthday in with, what I can remember, a pretty brilliantly drunken night in London with a load of mates. Alas the day was without my heavily pregnant girlfriend who had arrived in Thailand having, only days before, waiting for me to finish up with my job and get on a flight out of Blighty too.

So, I'm a year older and my day has been a relaxed affair with fantastic weather, a trip to the weekend market and precious time with the family. 

Evening entertainment is remarkably more sober, watching my team, Arsenal, trying to overturn a half-time deficit against the multi-millionaires of Manchester City - two of whose players were sporting our red and white strip a year ago. 

From where I now sit: the change of scene, pace and responsibility is fantastic. I can't turn the clock back, but even if I could, I wouldn't.

So here's to another eventful twelve months, though the significance of my 27th year will take some beating.

Well, we could start with Arsenal coming out and getting the three points - perhaps things don't change so much after all?

And before I'm accused of being an old git already, my birthday bash is later this month - photos and report to follow...


Mike said...

Happy birthday Jon......pity about the score though was it 4-"?????

Jon said...

Hi Mike, it was in the end. I wrote the post at half-time, hoping to be proven correct - didn't pan out that way at all!!

Cracking game for anyone not associate with Arsenal.

Ben Shingleton said...

Happy Birthday Jon, unlucky with the footie! My team didn't do any better this weekend either (West Ham). One day we will have to get together for the Arsenal vs West Ham fixture... Although very rare, it's always very pleasant turning your lot over LOL.

Jon said...

Hi Ben,

Absolutely - how about a Thai bloggers football meet-up. Quite ambitious I know.

It's true that the Hammers have a good record against us, thinking in particular of the Zamora goal when Sol Campbell lost the plot a few years ago.

Martyn said...

Belated birthday greetings Jon and the consolation to be gained from the footie is the youthful date of birth on your passport. To be living in the LOS at such a young age tells me that what the Gooners might lack at the back you've got up front. I hope your day went well celebration wise for you and your family and there's always the Champions League to look forward to this week.