Monday, 21 September 2009

Earning and losing respect in Thailand

Was at the sports centre the other day when a chap pulled up in this Harley. I was pretty impressed, who wouldn't be.

"Wait. That's not a parking space, sir..."

My initial warmth for driver quickly diminished when he rode round in cycles, literally, revving the engine before parking the 'beast' slap, bang in front of the gym - well away from the designated, and empty, parking area.

He then proceeded to dismount the bike, very slowly in full view of everybody making sure that not one person was unaware that he was the owner of this Harley.

As an avid people watcher, I was hooked.

Thankfully my new pal, and entertainment source, didn't disappoint.

He briefly entered the gym, but rather than settling down to workout, he proceed to wai those inside before leaving very slowly.

Once outside he stood still, taking time to reflect, perhaps scheming his next move, before (slowly) getting back on to the bike and taking a very long route away from the sports centre.

I'd hazard a guess that his mission had been successful, not a sole had failed to see him and the bike.

I appreciate that, by riding in with a Harley he gains face as a man with money but, at what point does him being a total ass mean he loses any respect he gained? Surely he leaves with less respect than he had before he arrived.

I'm a little confused.

Oh, the lengths some Thais will go to to 'impress' others - pretty comical at times.


Talen said...

It would have been great if some smartass like me was around on a tiny motorcy copying his every move.

At least the local would have had a laugh.

Unfortunately this seems to be a habit of Harley riders the world around. If you don't look they keep revving the engine until you do.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the owner of the Harley comes across as an attention seeker. When I lived in Thailand, I often met showy individuals. They just made me smile.

Jon said...

Hey Talen, I'd pay to see that, maybe on the strange motocy you featured on the blog recently. Ha ha.

Yeah Harley drivers can be like that, though not all of them, my Dad has one and he is relatively normal.

Oneeditorial, you're quite right, he was a major show off. Was funny though, worth the cringing.