Monday, 28 September 2009

Economist: Did you know?

A week or so back the Economist posted the below video on YouTube. I'm shocked it has only received 26,000 odd views (particularly when Five Little Monkeys has more than 10 million views, albeit over 2 years) as it is insightful and fascinating - all in all highly recommended.

The video, which was developed by information design consultancy XPLANE, looks at the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology.

So if you are into the internet, social media, technology (esp mobile phones), traditional media, interesting stats and future trends then this is right up your street.

I originally posted it on Twitter but, upon reflection, decided it deserved a little more exposure.


Scott McLeod said...

FYI, the XPLANE posting of Did You Know? 4.0 has received over 360,000 views to date.

Jon said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks, that would explain it then - will check it out.