Sunday, 23 November 2008

Monks have business cards

Did a spot of shameless tourist-esque sightseeing yesterday at a temple less than half an hour from the house.

It was a very beautiful and spiritual place, I can't help but always feel a bit of a fraud in such places where other farangs are snapping away with camera, videos and speaking loudly (usually with North American accents).

Perhaps it was my to be my day after all as having had holy water flicked on to me on entering (as is traditional) I was brave enough to be a real tourist and get a photo with one of the monks. Luck or fate then that that I happened to be close to one who spoke fluent English, was in a very senior position and who, until recently, had been based in Wimbledon...minutes from my old stomping ground in Southfields!

He gave me his business card - YES! monks have business cards these days - see below for my pic with Phramaha (Monk) Watana.

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