Wednesday, 19 November 2008


With only one double period of teaching today I planned to kick back and indulge in some geekery once I had finished planning my lessons for this week.

Ok, lesson plans done and I've come up against a painful barrier - the pedestrian speed Internet here at the school.

I've been used to whizzing about at technology firms, now it's down to a snail's place as I try to load four webpages at a time (this being one of them). I literally have time to have a cuppa for every page load.

Thailand equivilent of Spain's 'manana' is 'mai pen rai', which means don't worry about. True to this no-one is concerned about the Internet speed, it's what they are used to after all.

The technoogy industry has talked of tiered Internet usages packages, particularly in North America with file sharers congesting networks. The idea being that it is not fair for some people to overuse their 'fair share' of the web for heavy bandwidth activities, like P2P file sharing. So, much like flying in a plane, a gold member would have the best possible Internet expierence (and web priority), and the equilivent of bronze would be a slow experience.

Based on today's frustrations, I'll be happy to pay high for my Internet as it is an integral part of what I do these days.

Right, rant off, time for another cuppa while this post loads.

Oh, and this is all within IE 5 - most frustrating.

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