Sunday, 9 November 2008

Community Sports Centres

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the local sports complex.

Well, not strictly true as The Missus had told me there was a local gym, which was free to use. As a result, I had quite limited expectations for "the gym".

On arrival it is clear to see that we are not talking about a gym here - it's a sports village, and mostly importantly, it's free to use.

The centre boasts a range of sporting facilities including:

- 4 gyms, that I find so far
- basketball courts
- swimming pool (with grand stand for spectators)
- futsol pitches
- grass football pitches
- a sports hall (for volleyball, bandminton others)
- two running tracks
- a full-size football pitch with two large spectator stands and scoreboard
- a number of areas for Thai sports, including a Boule-like game and one sport which is a cross between volleyball and football keepy-upies.

The centre is pretty dilapidated and in need of a general clean, for example the seats in the stadium as used by the birds living above, and the stadium's running track is no longer the quality gravel it once was.

The centre does not fully open until 3pm (closing at 8pm each day) everyday, including weekends.

Most towns have similarly spectacular facilities, although the state of each of them does seem to vary somewhat. It's incredibly sad to see what are great facilities in a state of (somewhat) decline. That said, they get an exceptional amount of use, so it's another case of 'mai pen rai' (don't worry about it).

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