Monday, 15 February 2010

Thailand Voice

While I've blogged about the use of Thailand blogs before (see here) I'm yet to mention Thailand Voice, an incredibly useful site which I stumbled upon last year.

The website aggregates (posts) content from Thai blogs making it a one-stop-shop for finding content and information about Thailand on the web. Blogs range from Politic sites like Bangkok Pundit, Absolutely Bangkok and New Mandala to expat blogs like this one of others listed in the blogroll on the left hand side.

As well as finding the latest posts, the search feature can be used to find information about Thailand from the site's archieve which is rapidly approaching 6,000 posts.

For example, I was interviewed by students from Singapore Management University as part of their research into the social media landscape in Thailand. I was flattered to be interviewed by wondered how they had found me, turns out they searched Thailand Voice and stumbled upon an entry of mine before reading more at the blog.

In practical terms, if you're looking to holiday in Phuket, for example, you can search the term on Thailand Voice and a range of content relating to Phuket. It may not all be relevent but it provides an excellent, local angle in addition to the traditional Google search.

For those of us blogging in Thailand, Thailand Voice does a great job of spreading our content. It uses just the first paragraph to preview posts, providing a link to the original content which in turn encourages new visitors to your site.

If you're not already on the list I suggest you contact them through the site by clicking here.

As if that wasn't enough, Thailand Voice just got even better by joining Twitter (@thailandvoice).

Now I can keep up with new content from the Thai blogosphere without racking up hundreds of unread posts on Google Reader. I definitely recommend following.


Talen said...

Thailand Voice really is an incredible resource and a great boon to all of us Thailand bloggers.

Jon said...

Great summary Talen, is worth of an inclusion of the TV website (completely agree with you btw)

Martyn said...

Jon when Thailand Voice first came on the scene I had my doubts but now I've got to say what a wonderful site it is. It's like a Google reader with archives and I do get a fair few hits from them each month.

john said...

It’s a good idea to have a place where you can use to get all you fav bogs together your one of mine so I built a website last year that as links and rss feed from many the website is doing well and gets hits from all over the place just go’s to show if you build it they will come its called
Thai expat info