Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Teaching in Thailand

Teaching is an incredibly popular profession for expats out in Thailand while many travels often opt to teach in Thailand in order to prolong their stay (with a visa) and make some money in the country.

[Image via thai-blogs.com]

While there is a lot of information about how to get into teaching or what to expect there are precious few warts 'n' all accounts of what teaching is like.

Until now that is.

On The Lam: Escape From Thailand is one of those blogs which you stumble upon all too infrequently.

Witty, sarcastic, self-depreciating and unashamedly honest, it is all about 'Loki', a teacher in Thailand for whom "two years teaching in Thailand has deteriorated my work ethic and steeled my resolve to escape".

It is thoroughly worthy of a read, better yet a RSS subscription, for anyone in Thailand, particularly those that teach or are considering doing so.


Martyn said...

Jon I checked out Ajarn's blog and I'm really impressed. I've put it into my google reader and will be following it closely. The man has a real dry sense of humour, I kind of like that.

Come on you Dolphins.

Nick Towers said...

Rather depressing but amusing blog. After the first page I was hoping for a year's worth of posts to enjoy reading but I guess I'll have to wait for more...