Monday, 22 February 2010

Thai football violence

Thais are renowned for living life at a relaxed pace.

The popular phrase 'jai yen' (cool heart) symbolises this calm demeanour and, as Buddhists, Thais are generally known for being well mannered.

Football is a different beast however as the video below from a recent game between Thai Port and Muang Thong United shows.

Hat tip to Jakarta Casual for the vid.


Leosia said...

I saw the clips last night on Thai TV and what I found remarkable, watching the violence on the terraces, was that security guards were standing around watching and doing absolutely nothing. People were being punched in the face and head repeatedly and hit with large, heavy objects and the security guards just watched. They carry defensive equipment but didn't use it.

Jon said...


Have to admit the lack of security and police presence is quite amazing (or perhaps not...)

Watching the video again it is pretty awful. The TPL is rapidly gaining credibility, wealth and exposure - these types of incidents crop up here and there, they clearly need to be better dealt with.

oneditorial said...

Call me a snob, but this is one of the reasons why I will never go to watch a football match in the stadium. The spectators are a bit much for my taste.

martyn said...

Jon those are quite shocking scenes very much like English football violence in the 70's and 80's and not what you'd expect to see from a Buddhist country....unless you know it a little bit.

Thai rock concerts regularly have fights at the venues and the younger Thai generation now have gangs who clash with rivals from the next village or district.

Violence is a sad sight at any football stadium but after my initial shock your video really didn't surprise me. Give it a year or two and the players will be kissing each other too. When that happens expect rival ladyboys to be swinging their handbags at each other amongst the carnage and mayhem on the terraces.

Boonsong said...

Very insightful

Rental Property Management said...

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