Monday, 4 May 2009

Sign up for my 21 century debt collection, Facebook style

Shameless plug for a little project I've set up to help me get money back from someone who has owed me for a long while.

Long story (I'll spare the details) but I've reached the end of my tether waiting for this person to pay up as promised so I've set up a Facebook group to help shame them into coughing up.

It's for a good cause (all money will be spent on The Little One) so please sign up at the link below and help me with my experiment/project - cold beers all round for all supporters.

Thanks in advance!

Click here to go to the group


Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

Arghh tell me about difficult to get money you lent.

It was so easy for them when they made promises to pay it right away and now you cannot find them huh?!

Goodluck Jon;)!

Jon said...

Hi Jade - yes, my mistake but I'm a good hearted soul, perhaps a little too trusting at times.

Looks like my project has had an effect though, the money is going to come apparently although I'll truly believe it when it happens.

Anyone looking to borrow money should definitely avoid asking me.

Ben Shingleton said...

Hope you get the cash back mate. BTW you couldn't lend us a few quid could ya? It's just, I'm a bit short at the mo. You know I'm good for it :D

Jon said...

Ha ha Ben, I hear you farang landscape gardeners make a fair packet or two - perhaps I should rephrase the question your way?!

On a serious note, it looks like washing my dirty laundry in public (which is a little comfortable) is paying off as she is arranging monthly payments.

Ever the cynic, I'll believe it when I see my account.