Sunday, 17 May 2009

Red Shirt newspaper launching end of May

I've often lamented the bias of the media in Thailand, however there is a new addition to the scene, one which pulls no punches on its political bias.

The Red News is a soon to launch daily devoted to Red Shirt (UDD) news and views with an emphasis on national and regional politics. The first issue set to hit the shelves on 29 May.

Further detail can be found on Suthichai Yoon's blog and The Bangkok Post:

"Promoters of the new paper, mostly core leaders of the red-shirted movement, say they don't have any "financiers" behind the new daily publication. In fact, they will be holding a fund-raising dinner to kick-start the launch."

Only time will tell if this will encourage the Yellows to introduce a similar newspaper.


Talen said...

I'd be willing to bet the newspaper will be closed down within a month with Lese Majeste charges levied at the leaders.

Jon said...

Interesting point Talen, wholly dependent on the content, of course.

I'd be surprised if, after all the work launching the paper, the team goes out and flagrantly flouts LM.

Just being a Red isn't again LM. They'd be wise to leave contentious Royal issues aside, if they can stand to.

Only time will tell.

Martyn said...

I love the photo, I would have thought the Sun would have been more his level of read. The newspaper will be a big hit in the northeast and as Talen says the authorities will be watching closely.