Monday, 25 May 2009


Had to post this video of my little man singing in his cot because I think it's adorable and it makes me very proud. It's hard to believe he is only 7 months old.

The new party trick is to stand up holding the bar on the cot. He can't quite get up there himself so, for now, he relies on the missus or I helping him up there.

I think he's telling me he needs a bigger bed.


The FrogBlogger said...

Ha nice one, he's got a few weeks on my little one (a girl) born November 18th in Chiang Mai... sitting up, but not standing just yet, and better at having fun blowing bubbles with a brrrrr sound than singing, as yet!

Hoo Don said...

He looks to me like a great Manchester United keeper of the past patrolling his goal, perhaps Peter the great is alive and kicking in Thailand.

Jon said...

Hi Pete,

Yes, I've seen pics of your little one - she's adorable - you must be very proud.

Martyn, as an Arsenal fan I must admit that I'm not particularly excited by the Schmeichel reference, Although I do appreciate he was one of the world's best.

We'll see how the little man progresses with the round ball, I can't wait, father's prerogative and all that.

Jungle Girl said...

gorgeous, totally gorgeous. This video made me giggle, as a new parent i know it would take a new parent to recognise the excitement of this new party trick. It made me think; to the uninitiated baby videos can be so boring, only a parent can appreciate the pride that they bring you with every pull up, sit down, grab and all the other minute details. I was just going through some vids the other day of my baby at 3 weeks, 2 ,months etc. Sometimes I have managed a fifteen minute video of her lying on the bed waving her hands, too funny will have to haul them all out on her 18th, and she'll think her mums a nutter!