Thursday, 5 November 2009

Loy Krathong in Saraburi 2009

Last year's Loy Krathong fell a few weeks after I'd arrived in Thailand making it a great, first insight into Thai culture and tradition. We went to a beautiful local river, taking some amazing photos and videos in the process.

A year on and it is still my favourite Thai festival.

Most people probably prefer Songkran, with its week-long, never-ending water fights, but Loy Kratong has the (enjoyably mild) weather and amazing sight of Kratong (boats made from leaves and, well, anything) sailing down the river with candles alight in the dark of the night. That's not even including the legions of Khom lanterns which float away with candles ablaze.

Add to that the traditional Thai costumes, dancing, festivities, etc and you have a truly spectacular time of the year.

So how did I spend Loy Kratong?

Erm, with an impromptu booze up - rare if you know me here in Thailand.

Yep, we left The Little One at home and headed out with a few Thai peeps.

I was sad to have missed the ceremony but I did manage to grab a couples of snaps during the day though they don't rival the sadly grainy night pics from last year.

At least I can say that my Thai is decent enough to allow me to go out for drinks with only the occasional use of English.


Mike said...

Jon I wish my Thai were decent enough for that purpose. Although whenever I drink with Thais they are usually to ****ed to notice what I say!

Jon said...

Shh Mike, that is one of my tactics you're giving away for free.

Sam said...

Hi Jonny, I found you from Oneditorial and was surprised to see you living in Saraburi. Good for you!

Anyway, I miss Loy Krathong so much. Haven't done it in four years. FOUR YEARS. I feel like my youth has been stolen.

Nice blog by the way. Great insight to Saraburi (which I'm not even sure I know as much as you do, as a Thai. Sad.).

Jon said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for stopping by. Four years is definitely a long time - is it not done abroad, I think you're in the US right?

Will add your blog to my links, very interesting.