Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Baby moonwalker

This has to be the best value baby product we've bought to date - beating more than a few worthy contenders.

It comes at a time when The Little One has just turned one - an age at which he has the energy and desire to rush around the place, sadly this isn't matched by his legs which allow half a dozen or so steps before sending him crashing down to earth.

The moonwalker (not a tribute to MJ) supports his weight, unlike reigns, allowing him to practice and train to wreak havoc and terror by walking completely unassisted - where the fun starts.

It is really simple to use too, it's wearable like a set of pants, with secure clicks providing safety and the puppet like strings to control and prevent tumbles and keep him on the straight, and hopefully, narrow.

Best part, The Missus found it on a Thai website for less than 300 baht (£6). Highly recommended, a true bargain and, most importantly, one happy little punter.


Martyn said...

Jon the young one is I hope putting his 'best' foot forward in the top photo. England need a few natural left footers, maybe it's time to put a ball at his feet and your beloved Gooners shirt on his back.

Jon said...

Very observant Martyn, although at this stage not sure which foot is the favoured one.

You can't imagine my delight that he's fallen in love with football. If he had he way, he'd spend all day with one attached to his little feet.

Shirt on his back will definitely be a red one, although father-in-law is a classic Thai-Scouser. I'm pretty confident the Gunners will prevail, 2-2 draws with Birmingham are hardly going to inspire him.