Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Thai Mother's Day

Mother's Day in Thailand is the birthday of the reigning Queen (just as Father's Day is the King's birthday), after all, she is the Mother of Thailand. As Queen Sirikit's birthday falls on 12 August, today was วันแม่ (wan mae), or Mother's Day in English.

As a public holiday (so no work!) the day was spent enjoying quality time with The Little One and The Missus, lunch with the family and a trip to the Pasak Jolasid Dam in Saraburi with some extended family in tow.

Slight comedy was provided when The Missus was spotted by a student she taught when working as a university lecturer a few years ago.

After a brief chat with this awkwardly gangly, overly made up, excessively feminine girl, The Missus came back telling me how her former student could not believe she was settled down with a son and a foreign man. It was "quite a surprise" to her, apparently.

"The funny thing," The Missus said, "is that I really didn't recognise her at first, she used to be a boy when I taught her."

And with that, the gaggle of katoeys (lady boys) wandered off, giggling as they passed us by.

Sometimes you just have to laugh and remind yourself, This Is Thailand.

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mypadthaiplate said...

haha lived there 25 years and thailand never fails to surprise me.