Sunday, 9 August 2009

New role

I'm back from a brief sojourn to Lao to get a new visa - the funny thing about this trip is that it could have been prevented if one person had done their job properly.

I'm not to dwell on that though as I'm, in fact, behind on my own news.

Starting last week, I've taken on a new role at Director, Thailand's bimonthly business magazine described in a recent conversation as a magazine that "does things properly." After contributing on a freelance basis for a while, I'm stepping into a permanent role as staff writer.

In my new role I'll continue to contribute articles but will also run a couple of features in the print edition whilst regularl writing for the magazine's blog.

My regular Tuesday column goes under the 'Business 2.0' banner, covering the use of technology and the internet in business today. Here's my first post from last week talking about Zappos, newly acquired by Amazon, and its successful use of Twitter.

I'll be posting the links on my Twitter feed but will post some work here too.

I'm very excited about the role and, along with the additional work, I'm going to put more into this blog too.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, congratulations!

Glad to hear you got the visa sorted and have landed a rather good sounding job!

Hope all's well with the Missus and Little One.

One request - can we have some more Thai pop music soon? I was digging the bass line on that first video :)