Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Four months ago today

It's hard to believe that four months ago today I become a Dad with the arrival of my little man, Tobias, to be honest it feels longer!

I still vividly recall waking up in the hospital the next morning, 19 October, to be greeted by an enormous grey hair protruding from my dark brown fringe. It looked me straight in the eye and screamed WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD SIR! Not seen any more greys since then although in time they will come, no doubt.

I'm so proud of my son and the Missus and I just can't picture life without him. So I couldn't let this landmark slide without posting a cute photo of the man of the moment, could I?

Passing the four month mark is also the perfect time for me to discuss my experiences of Thai culture and the differences of life here compared to the UK. 

Just living here alone is hugely different let alone bring up a child as you can see from this great post from Canadian expat Lana on her blog, Serrated Edges

Lana gives gives an excellent overview of some of the key differencing in parenting Thai-style versus the more traditional Western way, including: transport safety, skin tones, the role of grandparents and the reaction of the community to her brood. 

Look out for a soon-to-come post from me on the subject.


benrmatthews said...

Many congrats!

Hope all the family's well :)

Mike said...

Jon he looks a happy chappy! Glad I found your blog, which I guess shows the value of commenting on other peoples blogs?

I would like to add a link to your site via MTF if you don't mind. Please let me know.



Keith said...

The little guy looks like he's great fun to be around. You sound like a really proud father. Congrats and hopefully all goes well in the future.

Martyn said...

Congratulations and to go one word further than Mike, he looks one happy nappy chappy. He's certainly got the Land of Smiles look about him.

Jon said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

He's certainly popular with the locals which makes it difficult to do anything in town without a load of attention.

Catherine said...

He is so beautiful! His smile has me smiling right back :-)