Thursday, 15 January 2009

Children's Day In Thailand - 10 January

Last Saturday (10 January) was Children's Day, a date dedicated to children across Thailand. It’s probably comparable to Christmas, which most of Thailand doesn’t celebrate, as kids get presents and there are shows across the country.

That meant no usual Saturday lie-in for yours truly, in fact I was up at 5.30 am looking after The Little Monster (below) so the missus could catch on her sleep. 


We then set off for the local wat (temple) at 8
.00 am where we presented the monks food which my good lady had prepared. In turn, they blessed TLM with holy water and prayers. The wat was teaming with families up early to bless their children and loved ones. I don't take photos inside the wat as it is a little disrespectful but a picture of it from the road is below. 

Saraburi Wat from the road

After the wat we jumped in the car and drove to popular tourist spot Ayutthaya, about an hour and a half away, for a day of site seeing. Although I tend to steer clear of tourists this is a definite must for any visitor to Thailand. 

Buddha in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya was once the capital of Siam and it contains some of Thailand’s most spectacular ruins within the historical park.

Elephants are also a major site to see in the town. As well as elephant shows, visitors to Ayutthaya can get a unique site of the place with an elephant ride through the streets.

As we have a little one we didn’t take this offer, although it is quite novel enough to be a passenger in a car which is giving way to an elephant taxi.

Giving way to an elephant in Ayutthaya

This was a gentle introdution to Childrens' Day, I fully expect next year to be much more energetic as the little man will be just over a year old.