Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Best Of 2008 Meme

I don't usual do them but Chris from My Egg Noodles tagged me in his Best Of 2008 meme and, as I haven't written anything about this crazy year, it seems like a good idea to me...

1. One of my fondest memories of 2008 was:

The feeling I got boarding a plane with a one-way ticket to Bangkok from London.


Other highlights include being crowned Hotwire’s 100m sprint champion (read it and weep Masih), chilling in Sicily with my brother and the Hotwire away-weekend in Paris (the Algerians in Sacre-Coeur!).


2. One of the happiest moments for me in 2008 was:

The birth of my son, Tobias, on 18 October 2008. A load of cute photos here.


3. The best album I downloaded/bought in 2008 was:

The Stanton Session by Stanton Warriors. Not new in 2008 but highly recommended nevertheless. They have the Midas touch.


4. The best book I read in 2008 was:

Struggled with books this year but Danny Wallace’s ‘Friends Like These’ was enjoyable and I am still getting through Sir Ranulf Fiennes’ autobiography ‘Mad, Bad And Dangerous to Know’ and ‘Twenty Something’ by Ian Hollingshead.


5. The best movie I watched in 2008 was:

‘I Am Legend’ – released late 2008 but I watched it in 2009, I think.


6. The most beautiful place I visited in 2008 was:

Difficult to choose between Barcelona, Paris, Sicily, Chiang Mai and other Thai cities – a great year for travelling!


7. The best quote I heard/received in 2008 was:

There have been a few but one springs to mind as it is useful for life in general...


“Just don’t fuck up” – from a senior boss on my first day at Hotwire. I’m not sure I kept my side of that one!


8. The best gadget I bought for myself in 2008 was:

My laptop, Acer Aspire 2930Z. The days of desktops are behind me.


9. The best website I came across in 2008 was:

Predictably (for those who know me) I can’t live without BBC Football. FootieTube is another – essential viewing for anyone wanting to catch up on action.


10. The luckiest moment for me in 2008 was:

I can’t think of any specific events of great fortune but I survived 2008, a year that got pretty crazy at times!


11. A new food/drink I discovered that I really enjoy:

Soya Milk, Som-Tam and SangSom – originally discovered in London but better acquainted with in Thailand.


12. The best restaurant I dinned at in 2008:

Esarn Kheaw, Shepherd’s Bush, London – the best Thai in the capital and my first taste of authentic Thai food.


13. The best bargain I picked up in 2008:

The Hugo Boss shirts from London, my Tiger trainers or the countless buys from ASOS.


14. The best blog post I wrote in 2008 was:

It was only born in October so far too young for highlights.


15. A blog I discovered in 2008 which I highly recommend is:

The Lost Boy was the first Thailand ex-pat blog I came across. Although Matt has moved on from Thailand his blog remains a recommended read.


16. The best Xmas present I received in 2008 was:

Thais don’t really do Christmas but the photo of my family back home in the UK was a favourite.


17. My 2008 addiction was:

My BlackBerry – RIP, it departed when I left my job in London. Gone but not forgotten, we will be reunited some day.


18. A goal in 2008 that I did not accomplish:

Not going to Las Vegas. After planning and running projects for CES 2008 and CTIA 2008 trade shows I was hoping to get out there for at least one of them.


19. But that’s okay, because I did accomplish:

Finally started a blog after two years of um-ing, err-ing and lost thoughts. 

In other news...I moved to Thailand, but we know that already, right?


20. The website I visited most in 2008:

iGoogle, my personal window to the internet.

I'm going to attempt to send this meme to global (UK, Finland, Australia) by tagging Big Tim, X, Dom, Ben and Emily.


Chris said...

Nice one mate :)

X said...

Forecast for 2009 :

2) Some random boots I've suggested. How about "Deep Brasil" by Flávio Dell'Isola or "Diaspora" by Natacha Atlas. Clearly not going anywhere though is it, really ?

4) Blood River by Tim Butcher. DG

6) Sudan when you join up with me there surely ?

11) Cevapcici. Go to Sarajevo and find out for yourself. They're immense.

15) later to be replaced by

19) Going to Africa with Frenchy. You know it makes sense.

I'm getting burgered tonight. Immense.

Jon said...

Er, cheers Tone but you're 'supposed' to repost your answers (to all the questions) on your blog.

Hop to it.