Saturday, 20 December 2008

New foreign minister supported aiport closures

Closing off a week which saw new Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva appointed was the announcement that former diplomat Kasit Piromya would be his foreign minister.

Although on paper Kasit fits the bill as a distinguished diplomat with experience in Germany, USA and Japan, he publically endorsed the PAD's airport closures which saw an estimated 240,000 tourists stuck in Thailand, the country's tourist reputation suffer damage (named as one of the world's 30 most dangerous places), imports and exports severly restricted and the population fiercely divided.

As foreign minister Kasit will play a big part in restoring overseas confidence in Thailand's to remedy the effects the closures had tourism, trade and investment and imports/exports. These are crucial to the well-being of Thailand's economy is tipped to struggle next year.

But how can those overseas trust a man who came out in praise of the PAD's protest and chaos despite the effects on foreign nations and investors?

I can't be alone in thinking his recent history brings conflicting bagagge to the table.

UPDATE: other blogs (Bangkok Pundit and Thailand Jumped the Shark) reporting Kasit called PAD airport closures "a lot of fun"

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